Saturday, September 20, 2008

Up To Date

So the last time I started blogging was a year ago. There are just a few reasons why I started blogging. First, I am getting tired of Myspace and second I want to keep in touch with more family. This will be fun!
Pete is now working for the U.S Marshalls now. He is a Corrections Officer for the Prison in Florence, Arizona. He really enjoys his job there and he is always busy. Very different from his college degrees! Yes I said degrees! Pete just finished his MBA at the University of Phoenix in June and he is really thrilled to be done with school. He is hoping to work closer with the inmates to get them into different programs with in the prison system. We are praying that he will get this job because his schedule right now has been a little tough on the family.
For me, I am teaching at Florence K-8 school as a 6th grade teacher. I am also sponsoring the National Junior Honor Society and we hope to be going to Washington DC as a field trip this summer! I really love teaching and I know this is what God had planned for me. I also teach at church when I can but just enjoy being around the kids and that is what it is all about for me. I am very involved with our church. Pete and I started going to San Tan Christian Center last October and fell in love with the people and the mission.
Olivia is staying busy. She has church on Wednesday nights and loves to spend time with her "nanny" Susie. She is also getting ready to play sports. She has not yet decided on Soccer or T-Ball but she has to make that decision soon. She is 4 going on 10 and is very inquisitive.
Emma is EVERYWHERE! Some days I cannot keep up with her. She is really starting to talk and loves to play with her sister. She also loves going to church and loves playing with Elmo.
Pete and I went to Jamaica in June and had a fabulous time. We really enjoyed that country and just having some time together. We love living in Queen Creek and we are feeling as though this really has become our home.

Our favorite thing to do...scuba dive in Jamaica!


Happy Easter 2008