Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Day of School!

Ok I know I am a bit late on this...but better late than never is how the saying goes. Olivia is enjoying Kindergarten tremendously. I especially love taking her to work with me everyday. I see her in the hallways and with her friends out at recess and I can see how happy she really is. What an amazing experience this has been. We are officially on our fall break from school and relaxing. :) Olivia loves school and her teacher. Pete was the official Dad the first day of school as he was the parent that took her since I was upstairs teaching my kiddos.

Olivia and her teacher Mrs. Candalaria

Waiting patiently....or impatiently???

Olivia's class also made the local Florence Newspaper...they won a paper donating contest at our school! She was thrilled and they all got an ice-cream party. Can you find Olivia?

And as for Emma, she is still growing fast and keeping Mommy and Daddy very busy. She is into everything and she is a very independent little girl. AKA....Our challenge! Enjoy the Fall Season and we will see you soon!