Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Interview

Mommy: “Olivia, you have had a lot going on in your life lately. Do you agree with that?”
Olivia: “No.”
Mommy: “You don’t.”
Olivia: “No, I mean. Yah I did I did.”
Mommy: “So what has Olivia been up to lately? Have you been a busy girl?”
Olivia: “Umm Yes.”
Mommy: “What do you want be when you grow up?”
Olivia: “I want to be a police officer like Daddy, I want to be an officer when I grow up.”
Mommy: “How come?”
Olivia: “Because I love my daddy, because he is the best daddy in the world.”
Mommy: “What about mommy?”
Olivia: “Ummmm yes you too mommy.”
Mommy: “Do you love your dog?”
Olivia: “Yes you are correct.”
Mommy: “Why?”
Olivia: “Because he loves his stick and he always wants to play with me.”
Mommy: “What picture is this?”
Olivia: “This a picture of me at school.”
Mommy: “Do you know the name of your school?”
Olivia: “No, oh yah, Umm …preschool.”

Mommy: "Here is a picture of you at school painting. What are you painting?
Olivia: “Ummm everything.”

Mommy: “What is your favorite part of the day at school?”
Olivia: “Go outside and play and you get to swing.”
Mommy: “Who is your teacher?”
Olivia: “Um Miss Tanya.”
Momy: “Why do you like Miss Tanya?”
Olivia: “Because she has pretty hair and a pretty face.”
Mommy: “Do you like playing kickball?”
Olivia: “YESSSS.”
Mommy: “What is your favorite part of kickball?”
Olivia: “Ummm kicking the ball.”
Mommy: “Why is that?”
Olivia: “Because…you get to run really fast. Fast fast fast!”
Mommy: “Do you know the name of your kickball team?”
Olivia: “I don’t know.”
Mommy: “Do you want me to give you a hint?”
Olivia: “Yes…oh wait…My name is “little dogs.”
Mommy: “What are you doing in this picture?”
Olivia: “Playing kickball. I am kicking the ball."
Mommy: “And then what do you do?”
Olivia: “I run to the white things really fast.”

Mommy: “What does this picture show?”
Olivia: “Me and Emma running to the white thing.”

Mommy: “Where did Mommy just take you?”
Olivia: “To Seaworld with Nobella and Grandma.”
Mommy: “What else did you do there?”
Olivia: “I went on a scary ride.”
Mommy: “What about that ride scared you the most?”
Olivia: “Umm going down.”
Mommy: “What else did you do on our trip?”
Olivia: “Um you got me toys at the gift shop.”
Mommy: “Olivia do you remember the beach?”
Olivia: “Um no!”
Mommy: “You don’t remember playing in the waves?”
Olivia: “Oh yeah I am just kidding.”
Mommy: “Did you like playing in the waves?”
Olivia: “Umm yes.”
Mommy: “Why?”
Olivia: “Because it was fun.”
Mommy: “Why was it fun?”
Olivia: “Because I get to run to the waves and then run away.”

Mommy: “Did you go on a boat?”
Olivia: “U hum.”
Mommy: “Did you see anything interesting on the boat?”
Olivia: "No."
Mommy: “Nothing?”
Olivia: “Yes crabs, starfish, fish, and the crabs and they were ugly not pretty.”

Mommy: “What do you like about Shamu?”
Olivia: “He got everyone wet.”
Mommy: “Is there anything else you want to say Olivia?”
Olivia: “No I just want to pick my ear.”
Mommy: “Olivia, I just have one more question for you. Would you consider yourself a conservative or a liberal?”
Olivia: “Conservative”
Mommy: “Good Girl!”
Olivia: “Why mommy? Why do I have to be that.”
Mommy: “Because it is important to keep your values that are taught to you and that are passed down form your ancestors. They are the people who we learn from.
Olivia: “Ummm I will Mommy.”
Mommy: “Ok good. I love you!”
Olivia: “I love you too.”
Mommy: “Do you have any questions?”
Olivia: “No I just want to pick my ear.”