Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Bones By Buhner Gammill

Ruff Ruff! Hello friends and family! For those of you who do not know me I am Buhner and I have been living with mom and dad Gammill for almost six long yearAdd Videos! Mom has been very busy with the girls over the Christmas break and asked me to do the Holiday blog. I hope I will make her proud. We started the Chrismtas season off with Olivia's Christmas Pageant at church. I could not attend because I am dog and dogs are really not supposed go to church I guess, but oh well I have learned to live with that. So anyway...Olivia was an angel and she also played a city car. She ran all over the auditorium as a car! She was great! I have added a photo, mom couldnt get a good picture of her as a car because she was driving way to fast! I think I could take her though...but that is another blog!

Next, we have a wedding in Vegas! I have always wanted to go to Vegas! But again....dogs are not allowed! My uncle Brett got married to a really nice woman named Janice! Janice is a great gal and whenever she comes to the house she always pets my head and says hello! I love that. Anyway, they got married at the Wynn in Vegas and mom was able to make it while Dad stayed home with the girls! He couldnt get out of work. I am glad though because I dont like staying home alone! Here are some pictures from the City of Lights among other things. :)

My parents and the girls also went to numerous Christmas parties without me. It is okay though like I said...I am used to it. We had a great Chrismas eve because mom cooked a killer prime rib, homemade apple pie and lots of cheezy potatoes. It was yummy. I got in trouble from Dad though for begging and then my tummy started hurting from all those table scraps!

Dad giving me the begging lecture. That was rough!

Not feeling well at all....but it was so worth it!

Christmas morning was wonderful. Of course the girls got to open all the presents first and then finally I got to have my "Christmas Bones!" They always know just what to get me every year! The girls got these baby dolls that I am not allowed to chew on and then they chase me around the backyard with the strollers. It is fun! I wish I could chew on them, but I would not like to get another one of dad's lectures.

To wrap up the holiday season my family once again left me to go up to Flagstaff and ring in the New Year! That is ok though because I got to go to Papa's house and eat some more "Christmas Bones" and have some cuddle time! They got to go sledding in the snow and they also got dressed up like people from the 80's. I am not sure what that is about but they had a fabulous time.

Mom and my Aunt Beth dressed up as people from the 80's!

Our family had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I am grateful to my family and my new "Christmas Bones!" Until next year...Ruff Ruff!

Lots of Licks

Love, Buhner