Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hiking to the Butte!

Olivia is beginning to show signs of boredom. The tedious day to day activities have taken a toll on our precious child. Lately, Olivia has been a bit defiant with everyone around her. She has not been the best role model for her sister. Pete and I thought about what could be causing these outbursts and came to the conclusion that she is bored. She is so ready for school and thrives when she is in the learning environment. So next week Olivia will be starting pre-school. Today, however, I decided I would take Olivia out for a hike. It was a beautiful day in the southwest, a mere 60 degrees as the high temperature. I thought what great way for Olivia to enjoy the nature God created and to have some fantastic mommy and daughter time! We decided to hike at a butte near our home called Poston Butte. We drive by it everyday and Olivia always asks, “Mommy what is that "triangle" at the top of that mountain?” I did not know the answer to her question so I never knew how to respond to her. So today we decided to find out. The butte is named after Charles Poston who was considered, “The Father of Arizona.” He was a politician and he lobbied for the creation of the Arizona territory. He was also the first Arizona delegate for The U.S House of Representatives. We found out that the triangle at the top of the mountain was actually the final resting place for Mr. Poston! The “triangle” is actually a project that Mr. Poston started many years ago called, “Temple of the Sun.” He is buried right beneath the temple. Olivia had a great time hiking up the butte and never complained once. I was so proud of her!

Olivia at the base of Poston Butte. The "F" of course stands for FLORENCE!

Olivia's "triangle" and the burial place of Charles Poston

Posing at the "triangle" with Buhner

A view from the top