Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guarding My Heart From Evil

My life as any other life has its ups and downs. But through experiences I have gained many lessons and earned some amazing friends. I had never come across people who are toxic and evil. That was something you saw on TV or read about in the newspaper. They were stories that frightened you as you read the details of which sounded as if came from a horror film. It was the story of evil persons raping and murdering their loved ones or stealing from banks and stores. These were the definitions of “evil people” when I was growing up.

Over the past year I have come across people that have influenced my life dramatically. They are your typical people who mix in easily with a crowd. They are coaches, they are mentors and they are parents of small children. When you come across them you automatically trust them. They are nice. They help you when you need support and they are fun to be around. You never think that they would belong to a new more modern definition of “evil” until you fall victim to their plan. A person who has become evil and passive may show signs in a different manner. They do not physically harm you but they will affect you in a passive aggressive manner.

After completing some deep work over the past year in recognizing my own anxieties and weaknesses I discovered and researched some other illnesses that were affecting my life including people who are unhealthy and were affecting my life in a negative manner. I researched and read many books on what I was up against and found out some information so I could guard myself from them to keep me safe. Overall I learned who they were and how to protect myself from their illness.

A person suffering from this type of disease will create a feeling of insecurity in others so they may disguise their own insecurities. They make and create chaotic situations where ever they can and they use the victimization tool as their responses instead of recognizing their own weaknesses. Some other signs and situations are being chronically late or forgetting things, sulking, procrastination and obstructionism. They complete all of these tasks in a non-confrontational manner that would require a response. These types of people are usually within the workplace but they also can become visible in social settings as well.

As I found myself in a deep well of negative relationships I realized my own weaknesses. Once I understood their behavior I was able to make a healthy detachment from them and regain my sense of being and confidence. How wonderful it is to have that back!

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Anonymous said...

U want to share some of ur knowledge. What books have u read? And something u said the other day about healthy u make those?