Saturday, July 16, 2011


So Fathers Day weekend came around and low and behold Pete was dateless for a much needed golf outing. As any good wife would do I boastfully volunteered to play golf along side him. Now people who really know me understand that sports is not really my cup of tea. I have never much enjoyed them or found a sport that I stayed with or enjoyed very much. Soon the morning came and Pete and I were getting dressed. As I was trying to find the perfect cute golf outfit Pete informed me that I had to wear a collared shirt! WHAT!?! I don't think I even own a collared shirt! He explained to me that golf is a very respectable sport and that we must look presentable and clean while we play. HA! This probably wont work for me I thought. I did find one collared shirt that worked but thought to myself that if I enjoy this sport I am going to have to do some clothes shopping. Golfing turned out to be a fun day with the hubby! We flirted, played, laughed and had a great time. I actually ended up burning a lot of calories too! I enjoyed my experience so much that I can't wait to go again! Yeah for me and finding a sport that I can enjoy!

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Kara said...

When I went with Jeremy (many moons ago) I didn't have a problem finding a collared shirt, I had a problem finding shorts long enough. Jeremy said they had to be at my knee and I couldn't wear jeans. I ended up in some khaki colored corduroy pants that I was miserably hot in. It was fun though. We haven't gone since; we are both not very good at it. =) Glad you guys had fun!