Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Mommy Time" Yes It Can Happen!

This has got to be one of the hardest, challenging yet rewarding time of my life! It's so hard to explain to people who do not have children and sometimes I feel guilty for saying it can be challenging because I have only two children. I have several friends and family members included that have 5 to 6 kids! I am a working mom of two daughters and a wife to a pretty neat guy! I come home each day from an exhausting day of working with kids and find my own children who are begging me for my attention and love. Some days I just don't have it. Some days I want to crawl onto the couch with a glass of wine and just relax like I have no care in the world. Very rarely does this happen. Getting dinner ready, lunches made for the next day, dropping off and picking up from extra-curricular activities, daily cleaning and then also finding time for my hubby. By the time that is all completed I am ZONKED! Soon it's off to bed with a headache and a wiped out 36 year old who has wondered where the day has gone. Where is down time? Where is "me" time? Most days I felt guilty for even sitting down for 10 minutes to read a book. There is always something that needs to be cleaned, a meal made, clothes changed and errands to run.

Things have just recently changed for the better. I still live the same crazy life of cleaner, caretaker, grocery shopper, bill payer, wife and mother but I have also fit in what I call, "Mommy Time."  This "Mommy Time" consists of any time away from the house for a minimum of 1 hour, away from family obligations and fulfilling no body's expectations but my own. It's perfect. My goal for "Mommy Time" is 3 days a week. The only way I have allowed myself to fit this in is having such a supportive husband. If that was not the case..."Mommy Time" would be non-existent.

"Mommy Time" can be a range of a variety of activities including working out, reading at Barnes and Noble, GNO (Girls Night Out), shopping, pedi's, and writing. The list can go most of your mothers know.

The best thing about fitting in my "Mommy Time" is there is absolutely no guilt. It is like it has been erased from my mind. I have come to an understanding that in order for my family to function in a happy "state" I need to have some kind of down time. Just fitting this time in has made our little family even more healthier than it was before. It is really amazing how fitting in three hours a week for myself can change your whole family's dynamic and well being. It has actually been mandatory in my recovery.

I love coming home from work everyday now, I have the energy for my children, my husband and myself!

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Kara said...

Sounds awesome!! I need to try that out! =)